City of O

Published by Retreat West November 10th 2020

‘A magnificent novel… A satire of quite astonishing originality…’
– British Science Fiction Association review

A unique dystopia, a remarkable psychological fantasy, an absurdist satire, City of O is republished for the first time since 2005 in this totally new edition.

Arriving orphaned in the City of O, traumatised Juan enters a corrupting world of whimsical plastic surgery, bespoke narcotics and berserk tech-sex.

He ascends the social hierarchy, gaining money and power until the city thrills to his every move — but he’s falling apart and perhaps only the picaresque troupe of troubadours adventuring comically across the desert to find him can help.

Pre-order directly from the publisher today:

“…This is wonderful stuff, deadly serious and yet amusing and playful at the same time. There is a richness to the writing, a successful combining of thought and expression, that is tremendously effective… a powerful and original satire that completely won over this reader. Certainly a writer to look out for.” – BSFA review, by John Newsinger

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